Abigail Breslin's Transformation Over the Years Will Wow You
Abigail Breslin is no longer the child star we remember in Little Miss Sunshine. She has come a long way since we saw her in the tragicomedy. ...
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13+ Actors Who Got the Boot for Bad Behavior
Ever wondered why some actors were fired from projects? Sometimes, the drama behind the scenes of a TV show or film is a lot more gripping than the...
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How Denise Richards Went From Wild Thing to Mom
Gorgeous looks, controversies, and a bad marriage—Denise Richards hasn’t just come a long way since her modeling days; she seems to have dealt...
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The Gorgeous Taylor Swift and Her Many Eras
We were all young when we first saw her. From cowboy boots to stilettos and local gigs to stadium tours, Taylor Swift has definitely come a long way. ...
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